About Us

Lynn and Pat DwyerGardening and growing plants has been our passion for decades. While working as a Wildlife Biologist Lynn spent every spare moment (and dime) pursuing this hobby. She and Pat met in Alaska, married and started a family in the late 80’s. They moved to Eagle, where the growing season is so short the gardens were often covered in bedsheets in late August. In 1997 they were finally able to build their dream home in New Castle. Although we started by growing organic produce we quickly realized our talents lay in garden design and installations.

Pat and Lynn really enjoy working with plants and people. Lynn teaches classes and workshops, writes articles for local magazines, and mentors gardeners. Please never hesitate to ask questions. Call, email or visit.

Aerial photo of Dwyer Greens Gardens and Nursery

Greenhouse & Nursery

We currently grow a wide variety of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables in our four New Castle greenhouses. Over 12,000 square feet of greenhouse space provide the ideal environment for growing superlative plants and container gardens that thrive in the mountains of Colorado. Organic and all natural methods are used to control pests, weeds and diseases. Our deep commitment to conservation includes renewable energy to heat and power the greenhouses, recycling pots and trays, the use of biodegradable materials and organically composting plant materials.

Lynn Dwyer - Owner

Lynn Dwyer – Owner

Pat Dwyer - Owner

Pat Dwyer – Owner

Sheila Chavez – Greenhouse Manager

Rich Passey – Operations Manager

Kassandra Spehar – Crew Leader

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The Crew