“How To” you do it ?

Ever wonder how you can do it and make it better than it was before or you just want to learn how to do it? Well we are going to try to walk you through how to do it with these videos. What the best way will get you the best result. We are here to help you through your gardening needs or to just give you ideas for what might look best in your yard! How to get the most out of your flowers for the year. What will grow here, there and make your yard the envy of the block. Have you ever gone to a friends or neighbors house and wanted to do the same thing to your yard but better when you got home?

Well the first thing to think about is the soil. The soil you have will need to be amended, an added amount of up to 5% compost mix. This is the best “How to” thing you can do and do it on a regular basis. The next best “how to” thing is to is to feed your plants with a  natural compost tea around once a week, using your own compost with some natural molasses sugars with some aeration. Plants just love this natural juice just flowing through little plant veins. You will get better color on your flowers and a bigger yield of vegetables. If you have more questions please give us a call.

Check out our compilation of videos to help you out.