Employment Opportunities

We are currently hiring:

Landscape Crew Leader

(3 years’ Experience/Training required)

Decision making authority and supervisory authority



  1. Maintain a safe and orderly work site: hold safety meetings every Monday am
  2. Supervise, train and schedule landscape crew members daily
  3. Monitor progress of job and report to supervisor
  4. Prioritize work assignments
  5. Provide outstanding customer service internally and externally
  6. Complete paperwork for job:  submit weekly
  7. Sign and monitor all delivery orders: check invoices
  8. Ensure time cards are filled out and turned in
  9. Interact with clients and project manager in a positive, pro-active manner
  10. Keep all equipment in running order:   oversee the organization and   maintenance of tools, power equipment and vehicles
  11. Be responsible for the completion of the daily tasks performed by the      Landscape Crew members.
  12. Maintain knowledge of company policies and procedures.  Responsible for communicating these on a constant timely basis to crew members
  13. Perform other duties as may be assigned



*Two years of landscape experience

*Valid Colorado Driver’s license

*Knowledge of horticultural plants and practices:

-Basic landscaping skills, such as weeding, planting, pruning

-Knowledge of plant species

-Insect identification

*Experience with irrigation:  installation, trouble-shooting & maintenance

*Experience driving trucks with trailers and running/maintaining equipment (hand held)

* Experience with loader and track hoe (Mini Ex)

*Good communication skills including efficient delegation of daily duties. This also includes the ability to manage and supervise other employees efficiently.

*Ability to make good, sound decisions as well as manage your time efficiently.

*Good safety awareness and practices with the ability to communicate this to other employees.


Salary/Hourly rate will be dependent on experience. Range of $16-20/hour. Overtime available during certain periods of the season.

Full-time, seasonal (~9 months) position available.

Bonuses and vacation available.


Please let us know if you are interested and we will give you more information.

lynn@dwyergreens.com       970-471-4290

Landscape Crew Positions

Landscape Laborer

One month landscaping experience, English or Spanish OK


  • Willingness to cross train and learn
  • Willingness to work 45-50 hours per week


  1. Weeding (hand and with weed whacker)
  2. Planting, transplanting, seeding, laying sod, spreading mulch
  3. Move and plant trees, shrubs, herbaceous material
  4. Digging with hand tools
  5. Install weed cloth, mulch, edging
  6. Install and maintain irrigation
  7. Perform other duties as may be assigned


  1. Maintenance of tools and equipment
  2. Maintenance of vehicles (cleaning, loading)
  3. Safe operation and maintenance of equipment


Reports to Crew Leader, Landscaping